Do you want to boost sales and profits?

Higher sales and profits give you more cash for salaries, bonuses and dividends, plus money to invest in the future of your business and add to cash reserves to protect against any financial difficulties. What would you do with the extra cash?

But, a lot of small businesses struggle to grow sales revenue and profits as fast as they would like, so you don't get the salary, bonus and dividends that you so richly deserve.

That's why we created Super Selling to super-charge your small business, giving you and your business more money to spend, save or invest, whichever is best for you.

What may stop you from rapidly increasing your sales revenue?

  • Not enough new customers - an extra 10, 50 or 100 customers would make a big difference.
  • Failing to convert as many enquiries into paying customers as you would like.
  • Competitors stealing your best prospective customers and your top existing customers
  • Struggling to overcome customers' objections and not closing enough sales.
  • Uncertainty about whether new ideas, strategies and tactics would grow or damage your sales.

What may prevent you from quickly increasing your profits?

  • Failing to accurately calculate costs and margins, so you can't really measure or boost your profits.
  • Competitors' marketing and pricing strategies that put real pressure on your sales and profit margins.
  • Customers who are seemingly unwilling to pay higher prices, so you can't raise your own prices and boost your profits.
  • Weak cash flow or bad debt that eats into your profits and could threaten your very existence.
  • Poor negotiation skills, so customers get extra discounts and suppliers charge you more.

How could you grow sales revenue and profits yourself?

You can try and figure everything out on your own. There's plenty of advice on the Internet and in newspapers, magazines and books.

The trouble is they contradict one another and sorting the good advice from the bad takes a lot of time, energy and therefore money, which you might prefer to spend on your business instead.

It's also really hard to analyse your own business objectively, to see what you're doing wrong and honestly answer the question: "What's stopping the business from growing sales and profits?"

Rather than trying to do everything yourself, and to save time and money, would it perhaps be better to get someone else to objectively look at your business?

How can Super Selling help you successfully grow your small business?

During a Free Growth Strategy Consultation, you'll discover how you can substantially increase your sales revenue, profits and personal income based on our 20+ years of experience and expertise. Typical issues for small businesses like yours include:


Attracting new customers

Discover how you can attract new customers to your business, whether you need an extra 10, 50 or 100 new customers to quickly improve both sales and profits.


Improving sales conversion rates

Converting more sales leads and enquiries into actual paying customers will really boost your sales results and will dramatically improve your profitability.

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Beating competitors

Make competitors irrelevant and stop them stealing your best prospects and customers. This will have a massive positive impact on increasing your sales and profitable.

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Winning more sales

Overcoming customers' questions and objections and better negotiating skills will allow you to win more sales, increasing your overall sales revenue.

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Increasing customers' lifetime value

Learn how to get customers to spend more with your business, buy more frequently and stay as a customer longer, which will increase both sales revenue and profits.


Boosting your profits and cash flow

Whether its costings, pricing, cash flow, bad debt or something else, you'll learn what is reducing your profits and how you can generate higher profits.


Introducing new sources of revenue

Identifying new markets, revenue streams, business models and powerful new ideas to increase both sales and profits for your business.


Overcoming challenges / problems

Helping you define the vision for your business (and yourself), plus overcoming any specific challenges and problems you face.