Would Adding Popups to Your Website Skyrocket Sales Now?

The quick answer is a resounding 'YES', popups can significantly boost your sales revenue and also your profits too.

But only if you already have traffic coming to your website and only if you execute popups correctly.

How can popups immediately generate more money?

Popups can be easily added to any website, opening in a separate window on top of the existing webpage and can automatically:

  • Win you new customers that would have otherwise exited your website.
  • Capture sales leads that are ready and willing to buy from your business.
  • Guide people to the right product / service based on their individual needs, so they buy more and buy more frequently.
  • Collect email addresses for an email newsletter and phone numbers if you want to send SMS texts.
  • Reduce your order page and shopping basket abandonment, so you get more customers and sell more.
  • Boost your average order values through upselling and cross-selling on your website.
  • Promote discount sales, special offers or new product / service launches across your website.

You can set popups to open automatically on any page of your website. As your website's digital assistant, they never get tired and work on your behalf 24 hours a day.

Just implementing one of these popups can substantially increase both your sales revenue and profits.

Imagine what would happen if you executed two or more, think how your business would grow.

Want more new customers to explode sales revenue?

Typically, 90 to 98% of your new visitors exit your website without buying anything and don't even leave you their name, email or phone number.

You've spent a lot of time or money or both getting these new visitors to your website. So why do you let them go without a fight?

Do you want to stop these new visitors exiting your website without buying?

Popups allow you to target and then successfully win more of these new visitors as customers directly, thus improving your sales revenue.

Even if visitors don't buy now, popups can capture their name, email and phone number, as long as you offer a great incentive (more on this later, anyone can do this).

This will enable you to continue to market your business to potential customers long after they've left your website, meaning you'll make far more extra sales.

You can capture lots more extra sales leads now

Whatever product / service you sell, the more sales leads you capture, the faster you'll be able to increase both sales and profits.

Popups placed on appropriate pages of your website allow you to capture far more sales leads than you otherwise would.

The type of popups you choose will depend on the specific product / service you sell. Here are a few ideas:

  • A recommendation popup that asks people a series of questions and then recommends appropriate products / services based on their answers.
  • Free stuff, such as free trials, samples, gifts, reports, guides, brochures, etc.
  • Demos / demonstrations / consultations allow you to showcase your business on the phone, face-to-face or via online video chat such as Zoom.
  • Free quotations if you provide a customisable product or service.
  • Webinars that typically include free advice and a sales pitch for your product / service.
  • Coupon / voucher codes, which typically offer money off or a percentage discount from a customer's first order.

Make sure you add a form to your lead capture popup to get the details you need, such as name, email address, telephone number, etc.

Once someone has filled in your form on the popup, it can then be sent to you via email, instant message, text, whatever you want and added to your marketing system (CRM, email marketing, etc).

Easily guide people to the right product / service

New visitors and even existing customers may require help to find a suitable product / service that matches their individual needs.

A recommendation popup can demonstrate how your products / services meet their needs, thus increasing your sales.

Announcement popups can guide customers to new products / services that they might not be aware of, increasing the number of new and repeat purchases.

When people try to exit your website, you can use exit popups to survey them. Ask them if they found what they wanted, direct them to appropriate products / services, answer queries, etc.

Want to easily collect potential new customers' details?

Popups allow you to collect email addresses, phone numbers and other information about people that may want to buy from your business, now or in the future.

You can then contact them directly by email, phone or SMS texts. If you want to, you can also automatically send them an email newsletter or SMS text.

SMS texts will almost certainly be read, so are a terrific way to keep in contact with both potential and existing customers.

Sending marketing messages promoting your products / services will clearly boost your sales. But it's also a good idea to send 'how to' guides as well as loads of free advice.

Make sure you offer a great sign-up incentive in your popup, as outlined above in capturing sales leads.

Reduce abandon rates for order pages / shopping baskets

Websites typically see abandon rates of 50% to 80% from their order pages / shopping basket.

What would a 5%, 10% or bigger improvement do for your sales revenue and profits?

Using the latest exit popup technology, you can trigger a popup when a visitor tries to:

  • Exit any specific order page, order form or indeed any page you select.
  • Exit your website when they have at least one item in their shopping basket.

This popup allows you one final chance to rescue the order, just before a visitor leaves your website.

Make this as enticing as possible to make the visitor want to buy now, rather than just exiting your website.

For more tips and tricks, see: How to overcome order page & shopping cart abandonment

Reducing your abandon rates will surely boost your sales revenue and profits.

Boost your average order values and energize sales now

Increasing the amount customers spend with your business will increase both your sales revenue and profits.

This can be easily achieved with carefully timed upsell and cross-sell popups making recommendations at the appropriate time.

Upselling popups encourage customers to buy an upgraded or superior version of your product / service that you sell at a premium.

Whilst cross-selling popups tempt your customers to buy either additional or complementary products / services.

You can trigger popups when people add a product / service to their shopping cart or visit a specific order page on your website.

For more see: 10 popups that will instantly increase order values now

Obviously, not everyone will buy additional products or services, but lots of customers will.

Promote sales, special offers and get better sales results

Everyone likes a bargain, so when you have a sale on or any other type of special offer, you can use popups to promote them.

If you can't have a sale, then a special offer can be equally enticing and encourage both new and existing customer to buy more.

Sales are often promoted with a static banner popup at the top or bottom that stays there even when you scroll down the page, so they're hard to ignore.

Alternatively, a popup in the middle of the screen that is displayed after 10 seconds or scrolling down 20% of a page also work very well.

Using popups on your website will mean that your sale / special offer will be seen by more people, hence increasing your sales revenue and profits when you've correctly priced your offers.

Adding popups to your website can skyrocket sales now

Popups can automatically increase your sales revenue when they're used correctly.

As a virtual sales adviser and customer service assistant, popups never get tired of promoting your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Popups can help your website:

  • Win more new customers and take more orders, helping you to explode your sales revenue.
  • Capture lots more extra sales leads, who you can promote your products and services too and take more orders.
  • Guide people to the right product or service, encouraging them to buy now from your business.
  • Collect potential new customers' details, so you can market / sell to them even when they've left your website.
  • Reduce abandon rates for your order pages / shopping baskets, securing more orders from new and existing customers.
  • Boost your average order values and thereby increase your total sales revenue.
  • Promote sales and special offers, improving your overall sales performance.

Start using popups today, because you don't want to miss out on this incredibly powerful tool that can significantly increase sales revenue from your website.

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